The Economy & Children Who Yell In Class

I think what really motivated me to write, was when my 6 year old son brought home a note (in his phonetic style) that said, “I yelled ‘butt’ in class.” After chastising him for 10 minutes, he asked me if I had seen the other side of the note. It read, ” I yelled ‘penis’ in class.” My first thought was to write back and say “Don’t send any notes home until he says ‘vagina’.

Is it funny? Yes and no. He’s a kid-they do that. It is what it is. And yes, we need a good laugh. So.. I will give you the best I got. It’s real life, so very few things are off limits. You like it, I keep it coming. Deal? Hope so. My husband and kids are my greatest joys. And my greatest source of inspiration. Not just to write, but to live.

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