Here Wii go again

My husband will tell you I seriously do not get technology. We have a Wii gaming system and the boys love it. I have no clue how to get it going. It’s this five minute conversation with myself. “Okay this remote needs to be on this. Then put the TV remote on this setting. Make sure that thingy is turned on.” And then. Nothing! And then there are the Wii remotes and those nunchucks or whatever the heck they are. I mean that’s alot of crap.

My older son once said to me, “You’re not very good at this are you?” How nice of him to notice.

What ever hap pend to Cabbage Patch Dolls and Hot Wheels? Now with all this new stuff you can be a Cabbage Patch doll or race a Hotweel.

Every day the boys say, “Can we play the Wii?” The set up was just too much for me, so I started saying, “Sure when Daddy gets home.” About one week of that and they learned to turn it on themselves.

And you can even create a Mii to resemble you when you play. How creepy is that? First, mine doesn’t look like me. Although, I like that her legs are slender. It’s also a bit weird that they have the same facial expressions on them-always. If you have a problem with clowns, these characters may well have you up at night.

Unlike Charles, I am not a great athlete, so I was thinking this would be good for the ego. I mean, I’ll be able to win some games against the kids. Pathetic, I know. Can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Oh, Mommy has the low score again.” Guess I went too far with the “let the kids win” thing!

One cool thing is that it’s free. Well, free once you pay $250 for the system, $50 for the extra remote, $40, for 2 nunchucks, and $25 for the extra games. Wow. We spent that much? Anyway after that it is free.

Then I had this mind blowing idea and shared it with my husband. “What if we could make it so our Wii system could link to our friends’ systems so we could compete against our friends?” Without hesitation he replied,”That capability already exists.”

Damn! What else can we make it do? Maybe we could hook it up to Facebook and stream live competitions! Or use your Charles’ i-Phone as a new remote. Or, what about that Twitter stuff. Or ….Yes, here Wii go again.

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