It’s a Facebook party!

I’m not against technology. But I need things to be easy. Please don’t make me read directions. Better yet. How about someone just do it for me.

After about 20 people found out I was NOT on Facebook and kept inviting me I caved in. Everyone says it’s a great way to stay in touch with people. Not to be too winy but I have a house phone. And a cell phone. And 2 e-mail accounts. I mean what about just calling to say hi?

Yeah, but you can put up photos. Got me there. And it’s great because everyone can comment how good or bad you look! Don’t be surprised if my next shots look strikingly like Halle Barry (better get that TMZ logo off them first).

I gotta say it’s cool, but there is alot to navigate! Then there are people trying to be your Facebook friend. Dude I don’t know you in REAL life. Some guy wanted to be my friend and my husband was like,” Who is that?” I told him I didn’t know but not sure he believed me. C’mon, the guy wore pink. I never dated anyone who wore pink.

And then you get to find out who YOUR friends know. You get stuff on your wall about someone in DC drinking a latte. I know what you are drinking but I don’t know who the hell you are. That’s handy information.

Then there’s all these tricks you can do. People can send you flowers and there’s contests. Yeah, those are comparable to those e-mail forwards . You know the ones, “Please send to 15 people and see what happens.” I know what happens. They get pissed off!

And there is the whole kinda high school aspect. You know, who knows who. Who has more friends. And I feel bad NOT being some one’s friend. But by the same token what if someone won’t let me be their friend? I would be kinda bummed. And come to find out you can take some one off your friend list. Damn. That’s cold.

I better stop before the friends I do have delete me!

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