State Fair

It’s part of Milwaukee culture. It’s part of Summer. And at my job it’s mandatory. It’s State Fair.

You almost need to gear up mentally for it. The sights and sounds are almost overwhelming. Within a 2 mile radius there are barnyard animals, arts and crafts, and food. Lots of food. And the twist here food that is deep fried and on a stick.

Yesterday morning my husband called from the bedroom, “Hey CNN’s talking about the chocolate covered bacon on a stick.” Local news oulets have been talking about it for a few weeks. Now the big dogs are covering it.

That’s it. Now I gotta try it. I need to be prepared in case CNN makes a trip this way. I would love to be the one to talk with Anderson Cooper about it. Or, maybe I just want to try it ’cause I like chocolate. I’ll admit at first it sounded gross, but then I thought about the sweet and salty taste together. There’s about 5 to 7 days a month when most women I know would snap necks for that combo.

I find the restaurant that sells it. What the…? There’s a line forming and it’s not even 9:00 in the morning. I find it on the menu-2 for 3 bucks. Now I’m totally sold. Hmmm, let’s see. I need something to offset that sweet. The lady at the counter suggests the country breakfast. Oh yeah! It has cheesy hash browns, eggs, biscuit and ham.

As I walk away I see my chocolate covered bacon begin to melt. Damn. Wasn’t prepared for that. But I still need a drink. Ooooh. Iced coffee drinks. Not a huge coffee drinker but they make me feel grown up.

I tell the lady I want something kinda chocolatey. She can make me a strong coffee drink with a hint of chocolate OR more of a milk shake drink. Like a kid I reply, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That thing!”

I head back to our broadcast “boombox” with both hands full. Perfect. I get there in plenty of time before I go on. I dig in.

Hmmph. The bacon isn’t bad but I mainly taste the chocolate. It mainly added texture. There I was just enjoying a very sinful, but tastey breakfast.

Karen is back at the main studio running my board. She keeps the music going and feeds me info I may not have. We chat off air a bit. 10:00 comes and I’m on the air. 10:15 comes and I tell Karen I gotta run. I mean NOW.

Holy crap! (no pun intended). Something isn’t sitting well with me. As I run to the bathroom I pray there is no line. Ahhh-prayer answered.

I make it back to the boombox. I hear Karen in my headphones, “Hey you alright?” I need her help, so I’m not gonna lie to be polite. “No, my stomach is in knots. Maybe it was that bacon thing or maybe it’s…”

Just then I remember that I have a Lactose Intolerance issue. The problem is it is very inconsistent. It sometimes kicks in if I have something with too much cream. Oh man, it was that frothy, creamy drink thing. And the lady gave me an extra cup. She either liked me or was trying to kill me.

We get though an hour okay. By 11:00 I tell Karen she might have to run more music. I just won’t talk when I normally do. Here we go again. I dart for the restroom. I take the same route, so I can just imagine the vendors are thinking, “Man, I wonder what she ate?”

I make it back to the box and the promo staff said a listener saw me run off and wondered if I was okay.

Karen totally gets it. This time as I put my headphones on she said she can always take over and go live from the main studio and say we are having “technical difficulties”. Well, I don’t know if it is technical, but I can definitely check the difficulty box. She’s got her husband on standby to bring down some Imodium.

As it turns out by noon I was okay. I made sure to only drink water the rest of the day. I’m back today, but I’ll try to pace myself.

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