We’re going to Wally World!

Okay we’re not going to Wally World, but we are finally taking a family vacation! All four of us.  This is the first time we will all take a cross-country trip together.  Two years ago I took the boys (then 4 and 5) to see my Grandmother for her 100th Birthday.  They couldn’t wait to ask her if there were  dinosaurs around when she was little. Cute.  The plane ride, however, not so cute.  Miles, my oldest kept going to the bathroom.  He’d go in and just stay there, and I’d end up knocking on the door and try to quietly yell (I know, an oxymoron) “Get out!  There’s a line of other people who need to potty.”   My younger son Max, kept saying, “We’re gonna crash!”  Who needs an in-flight movie when you have us as a traveling side show?

But this time the boys seem more interested in “stuff” for the trip.  I bought them each a red carry-on suitcase.  They rushed home and filled it with all the things they thought they would need on the trip. The next morning Max realized he had packed all his underwear-4 weeks out from the trip!

 I’m a sucker for being prepared, (or faking it well) and I want the kids to have things I think they might need. So I bought them trial sized lotion, sanitizer, baby wipes, and toothpaste and toothbrushes.  You would have thought that I had given them a million bucks as their eyes grew wide with excitement.  Yep.  A million bucks for under 20!  Call me tacky, but I may be going back and buying one of everything I can find in trial size for Christmas!

 So, even though they want to stuff their remote control cars and all the underwear they have in their luggage I’m finding out that letting them be part of the planning is fun for them.  I do have a suspicion that security will have a field day with us. 

Stay tuned…this vacation will be fodder for many more blogs. But let me hear from you too.  If you have a question or a comment, please share it!

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