It’s Just Age

One thing I have a hard time with is aging.  Not the actual turning one year older, but the physical changes.  Like grey hair.  Except for Michael McDonald,  who looks good with all that grey? And as my hair dresser said, “You have those angry grey hairs.”  Much like foil. And try pulling those buggers out.  It’s like trying to pull those thistle things from your garden.  You can pull them so far out, but you can still see them near the root.

And I’m thinking I need bifocals.  When I read I have to adjust my arm length from my body like 3 times.  What happened?  My eyes were fine just a few months ago.  I called an Optometrist to get some answers.  He asked my age.  I told him 42. He said (without hesitation mind you),”Yep.  You’re at that age. That’s all.”   That’s all?  Dude, my eyesight was 20/20 and them “Bam” everything is blurry.  That’s all?

My knees have begun to make this clicking sound, so I talked with my Doctor about it.   “It’s likely arthritis. Unfortunately it comes with age.”  Here we go again.  It comes with age? Like something on a menu.”That comes with fries or cole slaw.” And who ordered it?  I didn’t!!!

 I guess I would have liked a heads up, you know.  Maybe like a PSA.  “This is a friendly reminder that your body will most certainly fall apart between 40 and 45. This may include, but is not limited to, menopause, mood swings, absent mindedness, decreased hearing, poor eyesight and crackling knees.  You may seek medical attention but really not much can be done.  Do not yell at your Dr.  It is not their fault.  You are aging and possibly you got bad genes.”  I’m adopted so maybe a nice note would have been nice.  Maybe, “We wish you well and hope you enjoy your new family.  Oh, and sorry about the bad knee thing kid.”

Then I realize that I tell my boys that age doesn’t define them.  I tell them, “It doesn’t matter that you are young, there are lots of things you can do.”  So, I guess that I should go by the same idea-that my age doesn’t define me.  Okay fine.    And the leg brace I bought is helping with the knee thing. Plus it gives me sympathy at the gym and around the office.   And I suppose I could see that glasses could be seen as a cool accessory.  But- I’m not gonna stop coloring my hair.  No way no how.

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