Scoot Mom Scoot!

Remember how easy it was to lose those pounds after having babies?  Yeah, me neither. But I am trying to get in shape.  And though he is well-meaning, it doesn’t help that my oldest is a total believer of every commercial he sees.  “Hey Mom look at this commercial…you can lose 10 pounds in two weeks.  Is that what you need?”   

So a friend from work mentioned this running program called From the Couch to 5K.  I was mainly intrigued by the couch part.  It’s basically  a graduated running program.  I’m certainly not trying to run a 5K. But I am trying to get off the couch more.

 Admittedly, I was embarrassed to start running.  It really isn’t a good visual.  In my younger years I had this great stride and was carefree.  Now I take small steps, and I’m nervous to step on something the wrong way and twist my ankle. I imagine my neighbors watching me from inside their home and trying to describe what they see.  “No honey, she’s not running. It’s more like a scoot.”

 But it’s cool because I found that there is this sort of runner’s respect other runner’s show me now.  Sort of like Harley riders.  Without the motorcycle.  And without the leather gear.  Okay okay.  What I mean is that other runners (I mean the ones that are really running- the non-scooters) make a point to give me a nod or say hello.  And whenever another runner acknowledges me all I can think is Cool! They think I’m one of them. 

 The other day 3 women were running in my direction. They were laughing and carrying on.  There I was hardly able to keep a steady breath, let alone speak.  Then one of them gave me a smile and a wave.  As much as I was ready to stop my run for the day I waited til they were out of my view before I came to a halt.  I didn’t want them thinking they’d wasted a wave and a hello on some second-rate runner.

 But what is really nice is the kids want to join me. They like to ride their bikes while Mommy scoots behind them.  Seeing as how I am unable to speak and run at the same time, I came up with hand signals for stop, slow down, keep going.  I probably need one for Mommy needs oxygen but I think they’ll figure that one out.

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