Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

We tell our kids lots of things. Life is full of do’s and don’ts.

We explain to our children that they should be proud of who they. They are to hold their head high and not hide their face.

Wearing appropriate clothing is a must. Nothing outrageous or inappropriate.

Our children have been taught the dangers of talking to strangers. They know not to go to a stranger’s house and never take gifts from them.

Playing in the dark not acceptable. It just doesn’t make sense. What’s to see?

Most of us have instilled a strong work ethic in our children. They have learned to work hard. Nothing is free.

We have explained to our kids that it isn’t nice to scare people. It’s just, well, scary.

And thank goodness for the dentists who back us up on the dangers of sugar. Simply said-sugar will make your teeth rot. We tell out kids the can practice on the first set, but after the second set comes in that’s it.

And just when we think we have the rules and do’s and don’ts covered, it’s Halloween and parents around the country find themselves having this conversation with their kids:
“Go cover your face and put on the craziest outfit you can find. Now head outside. Yes, I know it is dark. Don’t worry, none of the other hundreds of kids can see either. I understand the label says the material says flammable… just stay clear of the yards with fire pits and candles along the walkway. But do make sure to make really annoying and scary gestures along the way. And go to all the houses you can, even if you don’t know people and beg for candy. Lots of candy.”

We adjust our rules for lots of things, including Halloween. Of course we do. And after the little ghosts and goblins are in bed, it’s our jobs as parents to go through the bucket loads of candy they got. Each and every piece.

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