To Mothers and beyond

So last year I mentioned how this day should include lots of people.  Not just people with children and not only our own mothers.  Because I think nurturing and connecting happens on so many levels. People that care mother Earth, for animals, and other people’s kids.  All of it.

But today is a day that I’m always tempted to feel sorry for myself. It marks 24 years since the last time I spoke with my mother.  Three days after Mother’s Day she died.  Let the pity party begin. The corsages, the special brunches, the family gatherings used to make me wanna puke. If you had a mom “F” you.  If you were happy, who cares?

But somewhere within my soul is the notion my mom spent most of the years she was here instilling in me-being grateful for what you have.  Sounds easy, but college graduations, weddings, and the birth of children are very important occasions.  Moms should be there, right? The reality is the fact that I graduated from college is nothing short of a miracle.  Somehow an incredible man actually asked me to marry him!  Icing on the cake?  I somehow managed to bring two healthy little boys into the world. Yep…be grateful for what ya got!  Even if it doesn’t happen according to your plan.

Yes. I think it is great we pay homage to our mothers.  I really do.  Frankly, we should do it every day. I’m not gonna turn away mushy cards, boxes of chocolates, and breakfast in bed. But in my life there are a ton of people who deserve much gratitude.  It makes no difference that they are not family. And don’t tell me, “Blood is thicker than water.”  Adopted children take exception to that.  Mud is thicker than water too and do you know what that crap does to dress shoes, sink drains, and carpet?

Trust me, I wish my mother were here with me more than I can put into words.  But I like to think she played a hand at making sure so many other people were here to pitch in.  So I salute you all.  For being like a mom, a sister, and a friend-thank you!

Now get your corsage on and hurry to brunch before the all the free champagne is gone!


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