What’s Not to Love?

Happy BirthdayOkay, so this is where I wonder where the time has gone.  I reminisce  about all those milestones in your life and bore you with the story of your birth….”It was really cold….I was in so much pain..we thought the car was going to get stuck…I asked for beer at the hospital….”  And then I freak out realizing that today you hit double digits!  And sadly it may be I’m not ready for this.

But just for now, let’s just have time stand still.  Just long enough to relish the last bits of little boyhood.  I love the fact that on your shelf is a stuffed elephant that plays the most annoying but wonderful song. That you still have Hot Wheels on your shelf mixed in with flaslights, used gift cards, and game chips.  I love (sort of) that your closet smells a bit like Cheetos and vinegar.  I love that you still wear pajama sets.  I love how you ask complex questions (although I can’t answer most of them), yet are fine with the simple things in life.  I love how you thought it would be cool to be a police officer because you could speed. And how in third grade you and your friends decided you were gonna buy a island (and not tell me the password).

Many nights as I lean in to say goodnight I remind you to love people, and to let people love you back. That is my wish for you every day.  For you my son are very, very lovable.

There aren’t really Cheetos in your closet are there? Okay.  Okay.  Just checking.



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