Why I Love My Kids’ Dad




There isn’t just one reason I love my husband. There’s a gazillion. And since a gazillion s too many to write, I’ll list my faves which include that fact that he:


  • wasn’t too proud to cry at the birth of our sons
  • bought me all the chilly cheese dogs I wanted when I was pregnant
  • easily spent over 1000 hours rocking our oldest to sleep…while standing
  • stays strong when two sets of sweet brown eyes beg for more sugar
  • lets me borrow his good black socks…you know the ones that aren’t gray yet
  • tells me I’m beautiful
  • reminds our boys the rich heritage they come from
  • never says my butt looks big in my jeans…or out of them
  • plays catch with the boys even when he’s tired
  • gives the best foot rubs
  • buys the boys ice cream even when he first said no
  • doesn’t think I’m weird for my love of cowgirl boots
  • knows how to feed my love of chocolate
  • will lay down the law when the kids mess up
  • often busts out laughing while trying to lay down that law
  • makes daily life a science project for the kids
  • makes no qualms about his place on the couch
  • tells the kids to marry someone like their mom
  • demands the boys to finish what they start
  • doesn’t charge for his pedicure services
  • cleans the basement…well, one day

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