My friend Cass is cool. She’s one of those laid back, friendly people. We met through a mom’s club about 3 years ago, but I can definitely say she’s a friend to the end.

One of the things we like to do together is shop for bargains. It’s almost an addiction. And we’ve found some great deals on lots of stuff.

I remember making plans to head out looking for sales and offered to drive. That was the most entertaining pick up I have ever had.

Cass is married and has a 7 year old daughter. They live in a really cozy, desirable part of town. There are lots of children. Adorable houses. Kinda like Normal Rockwellish. Except the day I picked her up.

Usually I pull up to the house and Cass runs out. Not this time. Instead I see a 4 year old boy run across the lawn in only his underwear! At first I thought that couldn’t have been what I saw. Then ZING! He runs back the other way across the yard. What the…?

Now I’m too scared to get out of the car. I can’t be walking around a half-naked kid. How will that look? Oh wait! I see Cass’s husband, Richard. Oh man he’s got his shirt off too! Apparently I didn’t get the memo about not wearing clothes!

I wave Richard over my way. He waves back. Great. He’s not getting it. I need him to escort me to the door. I am not going near the kid. How would that look. “Uh, no officer I don’t live here. And no I don’t know who the kid in his underwear is.”

Perfect. I see her daughter come out with two friends. I jump out of the car and the girls run up to me. Actually , they are crawling over me. One falls down and now she is crying. Oh man. Where is Cass? I don’t see her, but from the corner of my eye I see that kid in his underwear.

Sorry girls. Gotta run. Tell the crew from Candid Camera, ha ha real funny!

I jump back in the car. Whew! Am I relieved. Cass is out front waving bye to the girls. Once she gets in the car I give her a long stare. She starts laughing and says, “What’s the matter?”

“Well, for starters there is a boy running across the front yard.”

“Oh yeah, that’s Trenton. He lives down the street.”

“Cass-he is only wearing underwear!”

“Oh yeah, he does that. He doesn’t like wearing shorts. This, to me does not make the situation less bizarre.

We still laugh about that. Every now and then I ask if the kid is wearing pants!